Thursday, 3 October 2013

A very bad year for myself and my family

Hi everyone, I am so sorry I have not posted for the most of this year but my husband began with a bad back in April. After persistence at the Dr's as he was not feeling any better he finally got blood tests done. The results of these were OK except the liver function, he was then sent for a scan. Within 2 weeks the Dr rang (10th May) and asked Martin to go to see him that afternoon and for me to go with him. I was due to go to Port Sunlight that afternoon for the spring show but had to let Gordon know that I would be later arriving.
The results of the scan were devastating, it was cancer and as it was his liver this is in 99.9% of cases seconderys, meaning that they had to look for the primary site. By this time Martin was having problems with his bowels so this is where investigations began and it was found positive for bowel cancer. By the beginning of June we were told that the cancers were that bad they were inoperable. Treatment was suggested which gave us a little hope of having around a year +. Martin had more scans and began treatment but the scans showed the cancer to be very aggressive and hope was fading fast. Every time we saw a consultant things got worse. On the 17th of June we were finally told that Martin had weeks rather than months but lived only 11 days passing away at home with myself, our son and daughter in law and our daughter  by his side.
As you can imagine we are all devastated and I still expect him to walk through the door.
I have only just started crafting again but will hopefully begin posting soon.

Jean x