Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sorry no cards

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks I have not done any cards, but am still crafting.
The church I go to is trying to raise funds to build a new church and community room and following a meeting last week many of my suggestions were taken up and I was asked to prepare the items. My suggestions were to purchase items that we can add pictures to, eg. compact mirrors and keyrings to sell. Also to purchase plain aprons, teatowels and shopping bags to print our own designs on again to sell at various events we are organising.
I have therefore been busy preparing pictures etc. for all items on my PC and as my sister and I take the coffee morning this week we are trying to get some items ready for then.
I will take a photo of our display and post next week
My grand-daughter, who also goes to church, came up with her own idea of getting plain wooden plaques for her to put on names and zentangle them which she enjoys doing,  I am hoping to get some for her tomorrow for her to get started on. She is planning to do 2 examples then take orders.  I feel I must encourage her as she is only 12 and does love helping with things we do at church.

Jean x

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